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2 days with international speakers crossing VR, AR, XR

1st June



Generic Contents

Fabio D'Agnano

Im-Arch curator

Kick Off

General Contents

Benjamin de Wit

VR Days director

VR/AR Echosystem

AEC Firms

David Edge

Associate Director, Virtual & Visualisation Leader Arup

VR at Arup


Pierre Felix Breton

Senior Technical Product Manager at Epic Games

Unreal Studio and Datasmith Roadmap

State of Unreal Studio: Get a glimpse of the new features developed by the Enterprise team for Unreal Studio, Datasmith and Enterprise workflows for Unreal 4.20.


Coffee Break - VR Room


Víctor Manuel Feliz Santiago

Lead Developer at Motiva

Looking backwards to see the future

Using VR for visualization as it pertains to workflow and content creation, provides many tough challenges to artists and developers. Most of them were subject of investigation in the past, but they were not resolved or at least in an efficient way, since lots of manual labour is still needed to achieve a proper result.

Our goal in this session is to review these techniques, how to utilize them in a more modern context and expose future innovations for high quality content creation and workflow acceleration.

XR Services

Keely Colcleugh

Founder at Kilograph

Sensory VR: More Than Just Sight

How physical connection to storytelling in Virtual Reality is enhanced by having agency over outcomes. This control of traditional narratives can dramatically transform our connection with a space and create memories that resonate long after the experience.



AEC Firms

Helmut Kinzler / Josè Pareja Gomes

Senior Associate / Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects

ZHVR group - VR research, design and production

Cultural Heritage

Johan Van Lierop


The Kremer Collection: the design of a VR Museum

The talk will highlight the design of The Kremer Collection Museum – an award winning VR museum- that walks a fine balance between the conventions of physical space and the unlimited possibilities of the virtual realm. The Kremer Museum is the first Hi-Definition VR museum of its kind! It houses 74 Masterpieces of its magnificent collection in a stunning realistic quality. Joel Kremer will talk about the technical aspects of this achievement.

XR Services

Eric Anton / Fabrice Bourrelly

Partner at Artefactorylab (Unreal Engine - Artefactorylab presentation)

ArtefactoryLab meets Unreal


Coffee Break - VR Room


Galen Davis

Artist at Quixel (Unreal Engine - Quixel presentation)

The marriage of real-time and offline rendering

XR Services

Alex Coulombe

Lead VR Developer at Agile Lens

Beyond Representation: Active Design Inside VR

Alex will discuss his experience transitioning from traditional architect to VR design consultant, showing examples of how VR has opened up new design doors. Immersive technology allows you to conceptualize, revise, iterate, and experience your project while feeling truly present in the process, yet many designers are still only using it for review. This session will cover sketching, massing, modeling, and lighting in VR at every stage of your workflow. Learn how to maximize your efficacy in communicating design intent both to others, and to yourself!


Piotr Juchnowicz

Co-Founder and CEO at theConstruct

AI and VR


VR Rooms - Drinks - Sundowner

2nd June


Gates open


Bryan Wolff

SPACE10 Designer

Democratizing interior design with IKEA Place

With IKEA Place, their first true AR app, IKEA has begun to go beyond democratizing design for the home, and started to democratize interior-design for the home. From Bryan’s perspective as a writer, and creative director for brands, he’ll share his experience taking on the opportunities of AR and natural interfaces, and how he sees these opening new doors for brands to interact with their audience.

AEC Firms

Troels Dam Madsen

Project Manager at Henning Larsen Architects

Use of VR as a way to communicate sustainability impact

Use of VR (and other visual presentation forms) as a way to communicate impacts of design options relating to light, wind and acoustics done by our in house sustainability department.

Real Estate

Andrzej Jończyk

Co-Founder & CEO at VR Global

The future trend of selling early with immersive project visualizations

Smart developers sell their real estate using immersive technologies, based on our experiences, we’ll explain why more immersive visualizations will be requested from you in the future. The trend toward selling at every stage of the project timeline from conceptual remote collaboration within a virtual space, to the virtual sales showroom.



Coffee Break - VR Room

Cultural Heritage

Hattie Foster

Head of Strategy at Preloaded

Modigliani VR - Transforming the visitor experience in-gallery at the Tate Modern

How can VR transform the visitor experience in-gallery? Hattie will be sharing the craft and principles behind Modigliani VR: The Ochre Atelier, a recreation of Amedeo Modigliani’s final studio, and the learnings from integrating VR into the heart of a blockbuster podion at the Tate Modern.

XR Services

Keiichi Matsuda

Designer and film-maker

Hyper Reality

General Contents

Enea Le Fons

Whitelabel Foundation / HTC

Xdays in VR



AEC Firms

Gerard Teo

Head of IDA VR

VR implementation in Architectural Practice

XR Consultant

Luis Rivero

Founder at Urbansimulations

Wondering how to get immersive architecture in an iPhone?

XR Consultant

Tommaso Vergelli

Founder and CEO at Superresolution

VR for Industrial Design

General Content

Jeff Mottle

Founder at CGarchitect Digital Media Corporation

Round Table


Conclusions - Drink

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