program - Immersive Reality in Architecture
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Day One - Conference - 1 June
  • 9:30 > 10:00
  • 10:00 > 10:20
    Jeff Mottle / CGarchitect
  • Jeff Mottle / CGarchitect
  • 10:20 > 11:00
    Luciana Carvalho Se / Realities Centre London
    Looking into the future: The power of XR and transformational change
  • Luciana Carvalho Se / Realities Centre London
    The Realities Centre is building a community focusing on Augmented & Virtual Reality, including related technologies such as AI and IoT, by bridging gaps between startups and corporations with demos, training, co-working space, acceleration, events and more.
  • 11:00 > 11:40
  • 11:40 > 12:20
    Scott DeWoody / Gensler
    Case Studies at Gensler
  • Scott DeWoody / Gensler
    We will be covering how Gensler has tackled the advent of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Both VR and AR play a major role in the Firms Design Process. We will talk about not only the tools and processes we are using, but what tools are developing internally. Gensler is not looking at these new mediums for just Visualization, but also how they can change the way everyone works and communicates.
  • 12:20 > 1:00
    Christiaan Klaassen / DBOX
    VR: a Marketing experience
  • Christiaan Klaassen / DBOX
    Our talk will show how VR has entered the realm of real estate marketing and has become an enhancement to the marketing campaign experiences we develop and how we reach our target consumers.
  • 1:00 > 2:00
  • 2:00 > 2:40
    Johan Hanegraaf / Mecanoo
    How virtual reality can change the way we design
  • Johan Hanegraaf / Mecanoo
    Virtual Reality has the potential to change the way we interact and think about spatial design. It allows us to virtually immerse ourselves in historical, real or fictional places while enhancing human interaction with our digital media. I will talk about the future potential of VR/AR/MR for designers and show how we currently use Virtual Reality at Mecanoo to engage our clients, users and colleagues with the designs before anything gets built. I will discuss the differences between using physical models, images, animations or virtual simulations during the design process, and how technologies like VR might affect our design work and tools in the near future.
  • 2:40 > 3:20
    Castellani - Maiorano / 3P TECHNOLOGIES
    Special effects for virtual and augmented reality
  • Castellani - Maiorano / 3P TECHNOLOGIES
    The presentation will outline the convergence between cinema and Interaction design, and how to apply it through a meticulous work these two languages ​​blend, through a close relationship between innovation and experimentation. We will see how cinematic, engineering and design competences will be put to the service of architecture combined with a constant search for new technologies. In the presentation, videos will be shown on the main projects made through the merger of all these techniques: Cinema, architecture, technology, innovation are the bases on which to build a new product identity, usable on any device and suitable for everyone, where realism and virtual reality merge into an essential element of our philosophy in project development.
  • 3:20 > 4:00
  • 4:00 > 4:40
    Hoai Nam - Cianchi/Rolling Ant
    VR, AR and Real-time 3D Interactive in the Southeast Asian Real Estate Market.
  • Hoai Nam - Cianchi/Rolling Ant
    A presentation focusing on the current and future use of VR, AR and Interactive real-time 3D in Southeast Asia with a focus on the real-estate market. In a dynamic market that relies heavily on pre-sales before construction of projects even begins we will discuss how interactive 3D in all its forms allows potential clients to explore every facet of a project – from small scale residential to large urban developments with thousands of units. We will talk about the interactive tools we create and touch upon the pipeline we use for their creation.
  • 4:40 > 5:20
    Patricio Navarro / ArX Solutions
    Impact of Vr on Real Estate Industry

    Patricio Navarro / ArX Solutions

  • Patricio Navarro / ArX Solutions
    How the Real Estate Industry & ArchViz Industry will change forever after the arrival of Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. Basic introduction of VR that we used in ArX Solutions to teach our clients about VR. Is Virtual Reality a new product or it is a new service?
  • 5:20 > 6:00
    Grohs - Nichols / Chaos Group
    Building better worlds
  • Grohs - Nichols / Chaos Group
    Who better to transform the future of virtual reality than the artists and designers who are already experts at building virtual worlds? Lon Grohs and Christopher Nichols from Chaos Group Labs will share their ideas on why architecture will lead the way for great VR, why 1:1 scale is an architectural superpower, and why new tech to render six-degrees of freedom will make VR even better.
  • 6:00 > 6:40
    Round Table
  • Jeff Mottle
  • 6:40 > 10:40
Day Two - Conference - 2 June
  • 9:30 > 10:00
  • 10:00 > 10:40
    Travis Rothbloom / ARUP
    AR in AEC Industry
  • Travis Rothbloom / ARUP
    The potential of AR to change the AEC industry lies in visualization, construction administration, and documentation. These topics have been rapidly advanced through the democratization of reality capture and the use of AR/VR peripheral devices.
  • 10:40 > 11:20
    Cselovszki - Sárhidai/ Brick Visual
    The challenges of a VR product

    Cselovszki - Sárhidai/ Brick Visual

    Attila is a visualizer with architectural background. He is the co-founder of Brick Visual, responsible for project management, product development and the creative direction of the movie production. All these areas fuse in his role as a Chief Development Officer, constantly searching for innovative solutions at Brick. Moreover he has been lecturing at Moholy-Nagy University since 2015. Péter has been a 3d artist at Brick Visual since 2013. After years of creating architectural renderings and animations, his focus shifted to the more technical side of the production. Nowadays he creates unique scripts and applications that help the team to focus more on the image creation and worry less about the repetitive issues and technical challenges. Besides chasing the latest technology in the industry he is also a huge cycling fan.
  • Cselovszki - Sárhidai/ Brick Visual
    The challenges of a VR product - introduction of a complete static VR production pipeline and our application The presentation will guide you through the production pipeline of a static VR product and our application will be introduced. We can see some teasers about the possible contents in the app such as static VR, real-time VR and real-time rendering.
  • 11:20 > 12:00
  • 12:00 > 12:40
    Dan Harper / Cityscape
    VR: Beyond the hype - The real value of experiential design
  • Dan Harper / Cityscape
    Directors of leading visualisation studio Cityscape Digital will talk about the potential for VR and MR to transform the entire process of designing, building and managing property and spaces. From design collaboration and focus-grouping to behavior & usage analysis.
  • 12:40 > 1:20
    Piotr Juchnowicz / theConstruct
    On line platform for architecture
  • Piotr Juchnowicz / theConstruct
  • 1:20 > 2:20
  • 2:20 > 3:00
    Alessandro Cannavà / Venini
    Virtual Reality in industrial design
  • Alessandro Cannavà / Venini
  • 3:00 > 3:40
    Martin McDonnell / Soluis
    Virtual and augmented reality for the design process.

    Martin McDonnell / Soluis

    Chairman and Founder of the Soluis Group and Sublime Since 2000 Martin has built a group of successful businesses that deliver best in class 3D visualisation and interactive digital presentation. His vision to connect the latest digital technology platforms to the needs of different market sectors has led his businesses to be amongst the earliest innovators in bringing the benefits of augmented and virtual reality to the industries including design, construction, manufacturing and healthcare. Martin is now pioneering, and a recognised thought leader, in the development of shared immersive solutions for business and advanced AR assisted tools that will transform the world of work.
  • Martin McDonnell / Soluis
    The talk will describe Soluis | Interact, a specialised division of the Soluis Group which connects with the work of Soluis Studios to deliver fully immersive interactive environments. These environments are delivered across a range of platforms, providing our clients with the ability to publish and present interactive content using a variety of easily accessible devices and interfaces. Our development teams have pioneered the use of familiar interfaces for delivering accessible, professional quality presentations using the leading commercial games engines. We have achieved this deploying engagement media such as games controllers, smartphones, tablets, multi-touch surfaces, augmented reality, virtual reality, ‘fulldome’ installations and 3D motion control.
  • 3:40 > 4:20
  • 4:20 > 5:00
    Haavard Tveito, Takashi Torisu / The Palimpsest
    Virtual reality as a tool for community engagement
  • Haavard Tveito, Takashi Torisu / The Palimpsest
    The main focus of the talk is The Palimpsest a project researching Virtual reality as a tool for community engagement and immersive spatial exploration. VR allows us to merge past present and future in order to discuss how we shape our cities. The talk explores how new ubiquitous scanning technologies such as the Project Tango can turn a public space into a virtual Palimpsest. As new developments may change the local community drastically. The talk explores how building a collective memory is especially important in areas undergoing dramatic urban redevelopment.
  • 5:00 > 5:40
    Pimentel - Carlani / Epic Games - Katatexilux
    Vr in Cultural Heritage
  • Pimentel - Carlani / Epic Games - Katatexilux
    Review of how real-time visualization is affecting how customers realize their designs. Well look at how data moves into the primary game engines and the common steps required to go to an immersive experience. Well also talk about the issues to consider when working with immersive technology and what it can and cant do for you. Raffaele Carlani from katatexilux will present his work on bringing ancient Rome to life and discuss the process.
  • 5:40 > 6:00
Day Three - Workshop - 3 June
  • 9:30 > 5:30
    please visit the workshop section
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