Workshops, May 31

workshops are held at the same time.

Choose either A or B, not both.

Workshop A

 AR 3D Object Tracking

Peter Locharernkul

Creative Technologist – Pichya

8 hours / € 100

Archeological Museum of Venice, in St Marks Square

The workshop will provide a project overview of the app development for the Terracotta Warrior exhibit as a case study and step through the process of creating a sample Object Tracking application for one of the statues on display at the Archaeological Museum of Venice, in St Marks Square.
A blend of photogrammetry, 3D modeling, video compression, Unity development environment and Wikitude AR plug-in will be used to create our app.

Workshop B

save polygons, save performance, save the world

Luis Rivero

Urban Simulations

8 hours / € 100

San Servolo Island, Venice

Wondering how to get inmersive achitecture in an iPhone?
Luis Rivero will show you in a entertaining 8h workshop how to model and light for VR using gaming techniques.
Urbansimulations is the company on charge of developing one of the most powerful systems for retail based only in street devices such as 400$ iPad and millions of polygons contents available thorugh 4g networks on less than 200mb.
Having 6 million polygons with impressive lighting is possible running in an iOS device, there is a way to get it.
Modeling in 3dsmax with that on mind, getting lighting techniques that save thousands of mb of memmory is a basic requirement to go a step beyond in inmersive architecture.

After finishing the workshop students will get a great idea to better model and lighting for either mobile devices or to get more detailed models than before in expensive computer setups for VR saving brute force of lighting for getting more and more polygon details.

Peter Locharernkul is a creative technologist and interactive engineer, author of Terracotta Warriors Augmented Reality App at The Franklin Institute, Your Brain – Permanent Exhibit at the The Franklin Institute, Nature Lab at the Natural History Museum, as well as game developer (Hulk Out! Punching Game. Interactive Unity 3D game using Kinect 2 interface interaction for Marvel Experience – Hero Ventures)
Peter gave the workshop on 3D object tracking for Augmented Reality at the NYC Media Labs annual VR/AR conference and was invited to present again at the Google developer group and for NYU in February 2018.
The app was featured in The NY Times

Educated as architect, in 1993 interest for computer graphics is born thanks to the 3dstudio 1 brochure. From that point the search for the most realistic images and successful international works for big projects from australia to usa had turn to animation, commercials and vfx until now. In 2004 CGarchitect honoured Luis with one of the first 3dawards for the best animation for architecture. And today, thanks to powerful 3ds max toolset to optimize geometry has brought the company urbansimulations,near to the 25th anniversary, to become one of the most advanced developers for cloud based database of stores systems. Luis is still leading the latest techniques and strategies for the virtual reality systems and the art direction.

More workshops to be announced!