Victor Feliz

Víctor Manuel Feliz Santiago

His first approach to development was in the high school creating small games in MS-Dos, during his time studying Telecommunications Engineering, he continued to create games as part of the then new 3d indie game scene, as well as undertaking freelance projects for the archviz market, specially real-time visualization systems.

After this period Victor assumed the position of R&D leader in Carintia and after 18 months, co-founded Motiva.

He has worked on everyday projects like architectural visualisations receiving several awards and nominations for his work or military training videos for the Spanish Army. But also, many more unusual ones which tended to share one common denominator: they involved tasks others could not, or did not, dare to do. Some examples include more than a billion shoes (literally), real-time texture change software that affects global illumination, or video filtering systems to broadcast standards used by the BBC and Japanese television.

Meanwhile he collaborates on other third-party projects for companies like SolidIris (Thea Render) and makes custom software for others like AXYZ design (Anima), packages for being sold in the Motiva’s store like Colimo or RealPerception and more recently the formerly named MUS that has been renamed to Datasmith after being acquired by Epic Games.

In spite of all this his desire is to win the lottery and to be able to dedicate himself full time to research.