Workshops, June 3

workshops are held at the same time. Choose either A or B, not both.

Workshop A – All levels

€ 100

/8 hours

Christiaan Klaassen


VR creation, static 360 nodes

VR creation, static 360 nodes
All levels (assuming good knowledge of 3Ds max and Vray) 
– Introduction to VR, difference between realtime and 360 renderings. Stereoscopic vs monoscopic
– Comparing VR to traditional CGI
– DBOX approach to VR, quality is key.
– Setting the scene, understanding your      audience…
– 3Ds max, setup of a residential space
   Choosing your node position
   Testing your space
   Post production techniques and processes
Feedback and class examples

Everyone following this workshop needs a laptop with a  3dsmax and V-Ray installed.

Workshop B – Advanced

€ 100

/8 hours

Johan Hanegraaf


Creating your own VR experiences

morning – interactive lecture

– introduction of VR technologies and why I chose to develop with Unity3d and HTC Vive
– working with GameEngines vs working with architectural software
– tips and tricks to optimize your architectural 3D data to be more suitable for game engines
(workflows from Revit, Rhino and 3dsmax)
– general concepts of programming needed to make VR experiences (C#)

afternoon – workshop with HTC Vive and Unity3d


– preparing and optimizing your own architectural model for VR
– loading models into Unity
– basic visualisation settings and controls for Unity
– adding a VR movement/teleport system
– adding a VR interaction system
– add simple interactions with the Vive controllers (pickup, color, etc.)
– personalize and built your VR project to show it to your clients

Everyone attending this workshop needs to bring a laptop with 3D models for testing, modeling software such as Revit or Rhino, 3dsmax and Unity3d.