Democratizing interior design with IKEA Place

Im-Arch will host Bryan Wolff,  a freelance creative director who writes and thinks for brands.

With IKEA Place, their first true AR app, IKEA has begun to go beyond democratizing design for the home, and started to democratize interior-design for the home. From Bryan’s perspective as a writer, and creative director for brands, he’ll share his experience taking on the opportunities of AR and natural interfaces, and how he sees these opening new doors for brands to interact with their audience



We made a rule: Lifestyle image would bring people deeper into the browsing experience, whereas an image of a product on white would lead to placing it in AR. This was the first opportunity to truly embrace the design advantages augmented reality offers: instead of having to explain or display the usual information that would come with an IKEA product, we could now let people experience it.

It’s a benefit not only for people, but for the creators too: when people interact more with the world behind their screen than with the screen itself, we can start thinking of digital interactions more like real-life ones. Getting a sense of the size of something means simply moving around it.