The Kremer Collection Museum


Im-arch will host Johan van Lierop, a New York based architect and designer with over 15 years of International experience in the field. 

The talk will highlight the design of The Kremer Collection Museum – an award winning VR museum- that walks a fine balance between the conventions of physical space and the unlimited possibilities of the virtual realm. The Kremer Museum is the first Hi-Definition VR museum of its kind! It houses 74 Masterpieces of its magnificent collection in a stunning realistic quality. 

The Kremer Museum is a forerunner at a time when the museum world is beginning to explore augmented and virtual reality as tools for engaging audiences

Using photogrammetry—a technique that involves taking thousands of pictures of each painting—the collection has captured versions of more than 70 Old Masters and can now provide what it says is an unparalleled museum experience.

The Kremer Museum has gone even further, staking its entire existence on VR because the museum exists only as a virtual space. No lines, no crowds: just a solitary, private visit to a pristine gallery of 17th-century Flemish and Dutch masters.